The Reckless Hearts

While Powerpop certainly didn’t take its first steps here in the Midwest (we can actually thank the first wave of ‘60s Britpop bands, such as The Kinks, The Who, The Small Faces and, yes, even The Fab Four, for this distinction), it, nonetheless, became fertile ground for many of today’s most respected Power-poppers. Rockford’s Cheap Trick, The Shoes from Zion, IL and Chicago’s Pezband all helped redefine the genre for a new generation of music fans.

Joining the new wave of Midwestern Powerpop bands is the Milwaukee-based four-piece, The Reckless Hearts, featuring Thomas Culkin (vocals, guitars), Ian Lund (bass, vocals), Joel Kopp (guitars) and Jered Piencikowski (drums). Built from the ashes of the late, great Kenosha punk band The Danger, The Reckless Hearts have traded the sweat and saliva from their previous incarnation in favor of melody-driven pop songs filled indelible guitar riffs, hooks galore and unbridled energy.

These Brew City lads were gracious enough to invite us into their own recording studio to capture their live in-the-studio performance for this Basement Tapes session. Relaxed, good-natured and hospitable (they did, after all, invite us into their secret closet of ‘swords and porn’) the quartet wasted little time busting into spirited takes from their debut effort Get Up and Run such as the reverb heavy “Yer A Blur,” “Reckless Heart,” the spastic garage rocker “Personal Property” and the radio friendly (well, in the early ‘70s anyway) pop gem “Much Too.” Fittingly, they also dusted off a great cover of The Small Faces’ “Itchycoo Park,” that paid direct homage to their early ‘60s influences. And as professed in the chorus, this song (as well as the entire session) was “all too beautiful.” Check out the free downloads below and see for yourself.

Tony Bonyata


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1) Much Too – The Reckless Hearts
2) Reckless Heart – The Reckless Hearts
3) Personal Property – The Reckless Hearts
4) Yer A Blur – The Reckless Hearts
5) Itchycoo Park



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This Basement Tapes session was recorded at Room Zero Recording in Kenosha, WI. Engineered and mixed by Ian Lund. Photos by Phil Bonyata.

For more info on Room Zero Recording:

Special thanks to Shawn Peyton for the lovely photo opps at BRAVO Boutique & Bridal in Kenosha, WI –

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